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Published:February 11th, 2012 13:19 EST

Stop The Insanity: Company Tattoos Hair Onto Bald Men

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A British company said it is opening salons across England dedicated to the tattooing the scalps of bald men to make it look like they have short hair.

Company HIS Hair, or Hair-Ink-Skin, based in Birmingham, said it is opening facilities across England to allow men who have lost their hair to give the appearance of hair growing back using a tattooing technique applying different shades of pigment to the scalp to emulate the look of a buzz cut, The Sun reported Friday.



I`m a scholar and a gentleman who happens to be follically challenged. I don`t don a ridiculous comb over hairdo, nor do I wear a hat all the time to cover my bald head. I am proud of my bald pate, and I shave it regularly. When I`m walking down the street my bald head glistens, and I wouldn`t be surprised if most people mistake me for an angel.

I thought that the "spray on hair" hawked on late night infomercials was the epitome of stupidity, but the tattooed on hair takes the cake. The "spray on hair" will leave smudges on your pillow, but the tattoo hair will make your poor head hurt something awful.

My bald brothers, don`t put on a wig that looks like a dead varmint, spray hair on your head, or have your head tattooed to make it look like you have hair.

Smart chicks love bald-headed gentleman, rock that bald head, ladies will follow you like you are the Pied Piper of Cool.

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