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Published:February 12th, 2012 12:53 EST

Surprise! A Buddhist Monk Is The Inventor Of 5-Hour-Energy Drink

By Robert Paul Reyes

Until now it`s been a mystery who invented the 5-Hour Energy drink that has a near monopoly on the energy shot market. My guess would have been an entrepreneur who likes to party until the wee hours of the night,or a rock star who gets by on three hours of sleep a night.


Forbes reporter Clare O`Conner has discovered that the inventor is a Buddhist monk named Manoj Bhargava. I can envision a Buddhist monk inventing a drink that soothes your spirit, calms your nerves, and prepares you for a meditative state.

It`s surprising that a monk would create an energy drink, it`s not like a monk needs to down a couple of energy drinks away so he can get his freak on at da club into the wee hours of the night.

Energy drinks are anathema to folks like me, "laid back" is my default mode. A non-energy drink with a name like "Supreme Dank" or "Marvelous Mary Jane", that`s my cup of tea.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia