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Published:February 12th, 2012 14:09 EST
Uneasy Calm Prevails in Rafiabad as Bereaved Family Lives in Trauma Over Son's Murder

Uneasy Calm Prevails in Rafiabad as Bereaved Family Lives in Trauma Over Son's Murder

By Amin Masoodi

Rafiabad Baramulla (Kashmir) India): In grief-struck Lasier village of Rafiabad in Indian held Kashmir, uneasy calm prevailed for the third consecutive day today as hundreds of people visited the bereaved family members of deceased youth to express their solidarity.

The bereaved family members are still shell-shocked and apparently inconsolable. Tension and uneasy calm gripped the area after the killing of Ashiq Hussian Rather in Army ambush on February 10 evening.

Although the army and civil administration have ordered two separate probes into the killing and assured people of justice, tension and uneasy calm refused to defuse in the village. "I want stern punishment to the killer soldiers, who snatched a life from me. I was looking forward to apply Henna on the tender hands of my son but I never knew that my dreams would be shattered and my son snatched from me forever," mother of the deceased heckled. Appearing lifeless, the bereaved mother hardly heckles as she has screamed, remained sleepless and restless since his son`s killing. 

"My throat has dried up and I have no energy to utter a single word. Please do not ask me anything. I don`t want to speak," she heckled. Scores of women around her are trying hard to console her but she is totally lost in deceased son`s memory. One after another, women hold the dejected mother in their laps trying to console her but she loses consciousness after every few minutes. "She has not drunk even a sip of water for past three days which has further ruined her health. We are afraid of her health, at least she should eat something," Naseema told Agence India Press while sitting around her. 

The poor family earns their livelihood by doing fruit business and have no other source of income. The deceased has two brothers one elder and one younger to him. Both the brothers are studying and the (deceased) would help his father in the business and was planning to set up his own business in coming months for the sustenance of family. 

"He was a sober boy and abandoned his studies in Matric (10th Class) only to lend a helping hand to his father. He sacrificed his education and would often stress brothers to continue education," said Rashid Ahmad, a local. 

Amid a pall of gloom that has descended on the village since the incident, youth recall nobleness of the deceased youth. "He was God fearing and helping in nature. He would come forward to help the needy and offer five times prayers," said Arshid Ahmad, a friend of deceased youth. Many of his friends went to the local graveyard to offer Fateh to the deceased youth. (AIP News)

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