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Published:February 13th, 2012 21:06 EST
Empire Post Media Begins Work on 3D Magazine: The Time is Now

Empire Post Media Begins Work on 3D Magazine: The Time is Now

By SOP newswire2

Empire Post Media, Inc. has started work on a pilot for a 3D magazine show titled "3D World" as the first project undertaken through the company`spreviously announced 3D development fund.

As households with 3D televisions increase--research firm SNL Kaganprojects 5% of US households will have 3D enabled sets this year,climbing to 21% by 2015--demand for 3D content is running ahead of thesupply presently offered by networks and cable companies. Empire`s "3D
World" will be directly distributed to set owners via DVD and digitaltransmission, eliminating the need for traditional legacy broadcasters and distributors.

"3D World" will be a sponsored and hosted program featuring up to the minute developments in 3D programing from numerous sources, including motion pictures, sports, industrials, advertising, documentaries and educational projects. The program will include a broad variety of sourced materials from the latest 3D trailers and behind-the-scenes promos for studio and independent movies, to highlights from 3D sportsprogramming and videogames.

"Over the long term, Empire`s strategy will provide 3D content forinternational television, internet delivery, mobile applications andother formats," Empire CEO Peter Dunn stated. "But short term, there are an increasing number of 3D set owners worldwide who don`t have much to look at except DVDs of studio movies. These early adaptors clearly have an interest in 3D and we plan to supply content directly to them,wherever they are. Our market is not just existing customers of cable and satellite television services but every current and future owner ofa 3D set worldwide."

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