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Published:February 13th, 2012 20:16 EST
Patriot Reflections on Lincoln's Birthday

Patriot Reflections on Lincoln's Birthday

By SOP newswire2

It doesn`t take a learned person to see the difference between Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama. While the former was a vessel of Christianity the latter is the very antithesis thereof. What do light and darkness have in common?   

Lincoln: Sought to uphold the dignity of America.

Obama: Has sought to tear it down with "change." 


Lincoln: Upheld the Constitutional rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Obama: Has vowed to violate the very rights and principles upon which this Nation Under God was founded. 

Lincoln: Walked twenty miles to return a penny.

Obama: Has never walked twenty miles to return a penny to the American people. 


Lincoln: Honored the founding fathers of America who were willing to give their life for the Constitution.

Obama: Honors Ayers, Mandella, and the political thugs of the internationalist elite who are poised to put the Constitution to death. 


Lincoln: Emancipated the oppressed from the tyranny of slavery.

Obama: Seeks to enslave America under a one-world tyranny. 


Lincoln: Was assassinated for being an innocent man who opposed confederate oppression.

Obama: Is the mass assassin of the innocent (elderly and unborn) who do not live up to his oppressive one-world confederacy. 


Lincoln: Bewailed the sins and ingratitude of a nation that had brought upon it the chastising scourge of civil war.

Obama: Advocates the very sins (sodomy, abortion) that are bringing the scourge of revolution and war upon America. 


Lincoln: Believed that men should be courageous and hard working in the building up of a strong and united nation.

Obama: Believes in a nation divided where men can go out together and play. 


Lincoln: Was a just and God fearing man who set a good example for the American people.

Obama: Is a walking scandal who has led the nation into sin and who seeks to blackmail the nation now into selling out for `health care.` 


Lincoln: was a valid and legally elected president who lived according to the law.

Obama: Is an illegal alien who breaks every law in the book, and who has displayed no evidence of eligibility for the U.S. presidency. 


In short, Abe Lincoln was a noteworthy U.S. president, while Obama has no precedence in U.S. history. His degeneracy alone sets him apart from the rest. He can be compared to a fly. Wheresoever the dung is at, there he landeth. That`s where you`ll find Obama, latching himself to evil and upholding the right arm of the rebel.  

In one sense, Barack is blessing to the American people in that he provides the nation with a clear lesson on what America should not be. Now that we`ve learned our lesson, let us correct our mistake. For starters we can install someone legitimate this fall. With the upcoming election America is given a chance - the last chance - to oust fraud and to restore a measure of normalcy to the nation. The choice is ours. This will be a pivotal moment of our history where we either choose to retain our sovereignty as a nation or to hand it to the New World Order by voting in their agent. The choice is hopefully ours. That is, let us pray there is an election this fall. 

David Martin

Our Lady`s Workers  


Photo Credit: Wiki Media Commons