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Published:February 13th, 2012 20:06 EST
The Presidential PAC: The One You May Not Know About that Effectively Controls Barack Obama

The Presidential PAC: The One You May Not Know About that Effectively Controls Barack Obama

By SOP newswire2

As American warships cruise the warm watersof the Iranian Gulf, closely shadowed by Israelinuclear-armed submarines, warning lights are now flashing RED in government economic and defence departments aroundthe world.


Any time now, tomorrow, next week or perhapsnext month, we will switch on a news channel to find that war has broken out inthe Middle East as waves of US-supplied, Israeli F16 strike bombers run sortiesagainst nuclear development targets deep inside Iran. This scenario is one thatshould cause us, and our families, wherever we live in America or in Europe, as well as throughout the Middle East,to be afraid.


Over the last decades, Israel has not onlybeen increasing her own secret arsenal of nuclear, chemical and biologicalweapons of mass destruction away from the eyes of the United Nations` IAEAinspectorate, but has colluded with her lobby supporters in America to turnworld opinion against Iran on the premise that the Iranian state is the greatestdanger to world peace.


Who is this lobby that has such power that itcan order a war many thousands of miles away from where its members, themselves,live in comfort, a war that could dramatically affect the lives of possiblyover a billion people on the other side of the world?


It is a so-called Public Affairs Committee,or `PAC` for short; specifically the all-powerful, American Israel PublicAffairs Committee, or AIPAC. This is an unelected lobby group that exertspressure upon the US legislatureto act in ways that are beneficial to its own cause, which is to aid andsupport Israel. This committee, that claims just 100,000 members out of a total US populationof over 300 million, has such financial clout that it can influence not onlyhow the House of Representatives votes but also who actually gets elected toboth congress and senate. And that determines which countries receive US aid andmilitary assistance, and which are denied.

In other words, it can, and does, control US government policy, particularlyforeign policy, and that means that the president of the United States, although elected by democratic mandate,is, in effect, the instrument of the lobby. He is obliged to consult acarefully selected congress with every step that he takes, and if such steps donot conform to the political agenda of the lobby, then they will not proceed.


Is this democracy? It appears to be more ofa dictatorship headed by a powerful, unelected oligarchy that operates underthe guise of a democratic institution but acts, without mandate, and in fact,not on behalf of the American people but on behalf of a foreign state.

One may well ask why the American peoplewould voluntarily throw away the democratic rights for which their fathers, andgrandfathers, fought for so hard. Theanswer would seem to be the extensive use of powerful propaganda that is in thehands of a global media industry that is heavily influenced by a lobby, many ofwhose owners have family members living in Israel.


The power of the print and film media,including radio and TV news channels, is impossible to quantify but we do knowthat its power to shape public opinion is immense. We only have to watch a clipof Israel`sprime minister receiving a standing ovation from congress during his visit to America last year. What the applauserepresented, one can only surmise but was presumably because congress believedthat Mr Netanyahu was bringing peace to the Middle East, whereas, in fact, hewas then, and is still, the head of an extreme right-wing party that officiallydenies the establishment of a state to the previously majority indigenouspeople of the region.


In order to achieve this objective, andagainst the resolution of the United Nations, it has illegally settled 500,000Israelis on the occupied lands of the West Bank and East Jerusalem.Furthermore, it has conducted a blockade of essential supplies into Gaza for the past five years in a failedattempt to effect regime change upon an elected government of over 1.6 millionpeople. This was the man, Binyamin Netanyahu, whom they applauded. Whether thatacclaim was voluntarily given, or whether it was because congressmen, andwomen, were specifically safeguarding their own salary, is a moot point.


The UnitedStates already has troops in Afghanistan, one of the states thatborders Iran, as well as in Bahrain and Qatar in the Gulf, all supported by a hugemilitary logistics port in the UAE. Ostensibly, this American presence in the Middle East is to maintain peace in the region as well asprotecting essential oil supplies - and this they do. However, attacking Iran in order to support Israeli aggressionis a completely different and dangerous policy that could turn the entireregion into a fireball. That includes Gulf statesfriendly towards America.


Any action that Israel takes against Iran will be illegal i.e. in violation ofthe authority of the United Nations, of which it is a member - and from whichorganisation it, itself, was established as an independent state in 1948. The consequences of an Israeli strike against Iran inorder to maintain its own military superiority in the Middle East, would reverberate throughout theworld. In the space of a few hours, the global economy and world peacecould be shattered in a self-serving war by a tiny state of just 7 millionsupported by a minority lobby group, both of whom will have combined to placeall of us at risk, wherever we live and wherever we work. That could be New York, London, Paris, Beirut, Cairo, Karachi, Dubai or Tel Aviv.


Oil supplies could be cut, transport costscould double, stock markets could suffer huge fluctuations, millions of jobscould eventually be lost and, most important of all, such an attack couldpossibly lead to a nuclear war in which millions could be affected.


Is this scaremongering? Look at thefacts. Israel is now estimated to be possibly the 4th most powerful nuclear armed state inthe world. A state previously, and currently, armed and supplied by the US but which is now beyond Americancontrol. Israel treatsboth the UN and the USwith contempt and is increasingly a law unto itself. It has also managedto influence defence contracts throughout both the US and the EU: the general public beingcompletely unaware of how constrained are our defence capabilities by theinfiltration of Israel`smilitary supply organizations.

The moment that the first F16s strike Iran, it will threaten both oureconomic and bodily health: of this there should be no doubt. Israel has not amassed such a huge arsenal ofnuclear warheads just for fun or merely for defensive purposes. Nor hasAIPAC so carefully vetted each and every candidate for the American legislature,and the presidency, just for curiosity.


It is not Iran that is a current potential threat toworld peace. Iran is a state with minimal influence andno nuclear weapons. It would it take it more than 20 years to build a nucleararsenal the size of which Israel already now possesses. The greatestthreat to world peace is not the one that is proclaimed by a so-called AmericanPublic Affairs Committee.


The greatest actual danger is from amassive, underground arsenal of undeclared nuclear warheads kept well hiddenfrom the world and under the control of a belligerent, unstable coalition froma tiny state in the Middle East with dangerousdelusions of domination.

© DOUGLAS REED, Durban. South Africa


Photo Credit: WikiMedia Commons