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Published:February 14th, 2012 13:14 EST
Debt Acquisition and Finance Expert Jimmy Tate on CMBS Market

Debt Acquisition and Finance Expert Jimmy Tate on CMBS Market

By SOP newswire2

Jimmy Tate, an expert in the world of debt acquisition and finance, would be eager to give the inside scoop on an untold story/prediction of what`s about to hit the market and country -namely, what`s happening with CMBS market, What is the REAL value of the approximate $1.4 trillion of collateral for this debt market, what will happen when these bonds mature of debt?

  • How big is it , how hard will it hit us and when?
  • Will it throw real estate market back into recession?
  • Is there enough money on the sidelines (will take a  trillion dollars) to absorb the debt?
  • If there is dry powder on the sidelines , is it in  the form of discretionary funds allocated for these types of opportunities? 

And conversely, what does this provide for opening a  new pipeline of opportunity?

Jimmy thinks:

  • That the dry powder on the side lines is not  discretionary and will not be able to absorb the entire portfolio of  maturing debt ." The light at the end of the tunnel in Jimmy`s opinion is a train heading right at us.
  • Wall street is smart and if the whole story is told  and becomes transparent instead of being brushed under the carpet then money  can be raise for this new opportunity.
  • November Election is around the corner and therefore  causing many potentials ill`s to be covered up for fear of letting the  confidence of the constituents wane.

Jimmy Tate is third generation co-owner and president of Tate Capital, with over 25 years of experience in distressed assets, particularly in the retail sector. Tate`s father was nominated by President Clinton as Chief Executive Officer for the Resolution Trust Corporation in the late 1980s. The Tate family has successfully developed, built and/or managed over 12,000 single family and multi-family residences throughout the U.S., and developed, operated and managed approximately two million square feet of retail and office space, hotels/casinos, golf courses, buildings, motels and industrial parks throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean.

Sample video link from Tate interview: