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Published:February 14th, 2012 13:59 EST

DVD Review Of 'The Big Year' Starring Jack Black By Robert Paul Reyes

By Robert Paul Reyes

Alfred Hitchcock`s 1963 suspense/horror movie "The Birds" is such a classic, that nobody else should have ever dared to make a film about birds.

For almost 50 years nobody did, but in 2011 director David Frankel released the "comedy" "The Big Year" about a group of bird enthusiasts who engage in a competition to see who can spot the most species of birds in one year.


The film is labeled a comedy, but in spite of a cast featuring such comedic heavyweights like Steve Martin, Jack Black, and Owen Wilson, I didn`t crack a smile even one time.

I`ll give the filmmakers credit though, they didn`t go the easy route to elicit cheap laughs by having birds poop on Jack Black. There wasn`t even a scene where Owen Wilson is viewing a very rare bird on his binoculars, but then exclaims "screw this bird", and turns his attention to a hot chick jogging. If Frankel shad hired me as a screenwriter, his film wouldn`t have bombed at the box office.

The premise of a bunch of bird-brains trying to see who can spot the most birds might work as a sketch on Saturday Night Live, but it was destined to fail as a motion picture.

Disclaimer: At one point in the flick Steve Martin explains to Jack Black that the competition is on the honor system, the contestants don`t have to photograph every bird they claim to have seen. That gave me a brilliant idea: I can write a review of "The Big Year" without seeing every boring minute. Let`s just say that I made liberal use of the fast forward button on my remote control.

The running time of this cinematic offering is 101 minutes; I wasted 30 minutes watching it and five minutes writing the review.

This film is for the birds! Spend 101 minutes of your life on a more worthwhile endeavor like watching the grass grow or Oprah Winfrey getting a pedicure and a manicure.

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