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Published:February 14th, 2012 17:59 EST

Valentine's Day Kissing Marathon In Thailand

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Seven couples have brought their lips together in the Thai beach resort of Pattaya,, hoping to break the world record for longest continuous kiss - which currently stands at nearly two days.

The marathon kicked off on Sunday and will go through Valentine`s Day, with prizes and glory for the pair that manages to hold out longer than 46 hours, 24 minutes and nine seconds."



A kissing contest seems like a romantic and fun thing to do for Valentine`s Day. What couple wouldn`t want to express their love for each other by entering a a smooching contest?

It`s a great idea, until you read the rules: Lips must be locked at all times, including for bathroom breaks. There is nothing romantic about going to the restroom lips locked with your partner -- accompanied by a referee. Food and drink must be taken through a straw. You can`t sneeze, because you might break contact with your partner.

There`s no quit in me, but after a couple of hours of lips locked with any woman, even Angelina Jolie, I would cut the cheese to make her let go.

The winners will receive a diamond ring,and a voucher for a stay in a hospital. They should receive a crate of Chapstick as well.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org

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