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Published:February 15th, 2012 11:55 EST
Protest Against New Drug Policy in Kashmir: Police Charge Pharmacists

Protest Against New Drug Policy in Kashmir: Police Charge Pharmacists

By SOP newswire2

Srinagar: Dozens of Protesters were injured and arrested, when police baton charged pharmacists, who were protesting against the new drug policy at city center LalChowk here.

The pharma trades assembled at press colony and marched towards clock tower at Ghanta Ghar, LalChowk, where they sat on a Dhrana.

Police urged the protestors to disperse peacefully as their assembly was illegal in view of section 144 CrPC being in effect in the city, but they refused prompting the police to resort baton charge and spraying water cannons to bring the agitators under control.

Police charged them with baton and dozens of protesters were injured and arrested in the action.

According to the Coordination Committee Jammu and Kashmir Pharma Traders and Professionals, the Bill passed by the Government of Jammu and Kashmir for the new drug policy to be implemented in the State. It would have some negative effect. President of KMSPA, Abdul Qayooom Ladroo told Agence India Press.

"There are more than 4,000 pharmaceutical companies operating in the state who have employed more than 100,000 youths in different parts of State, if the policy will be implemented there won`t be any job for the representatives and managers of the pharmaceutical companies."

"In the market as doctors will have to prescribe the Generic Names of the composition on the patient`s prescription, it won`t have any value as it won`t be honored by the retailer as per the prescription, in this process quality of the medicines will vanish from the market and there will be no one to look after the quality of the medicines," Ladroo claimed.

"He also said that they were not completely against to the drug Policy but when government claimed it was for the betterment of the health infrastructure of the state. why don`t they improve conditions of hospitals, in Lalla Deds Hospital three patients are sharing single bed, there are only two ventilators in SHMS, rural patients travel miles for a simple CT scan," they added.

"He alleged, a confidential source told me that Minister for Health Services, Shama Lal Sharma is going to establish his private pharmacies company," Ladroo said.

The new drug policy envisages rationalizing the number of drug licenses in the state. As per the policy only those drugs on the essential drugs list would be procured and the drugs would be selected taking into account the demand, lead time, transportation and emergency needs. (AIPNEWS)

By Is`haq Bhat

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