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Published:February 15th, 2012 14:27 EST

Robert Paul Reyes DVD Review: Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings

By Robert Paul Reyes

Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings is the latest installment in the Wrong Turn slasher franchise. It was released straight to DVD/Blue-ray Disc in October 2011.

Slasher films are a sub-genre of the horror genre, and they are not for the feint of heart. Horror films slowly induce tension and suspense with the sound of a creaking door, a coyote howling in the background and the crack of thunder.


If you rented Wrong Turn 4, expecting it to be the kind of movie you can watch with the kids, brother you made a Wrong Turn.

There is no subtlety or nuance in a slasher movie, there are buckets of blood and tons of gore. Wrong Turn 4 isn`t your father`s horror flick, it features three decapitations, and a poor guy strapped to a gurney while cannibals slice of parts of his flesh while he`s still alive and dump them in a boiling pot. The only thing slightly sophisticated about Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings is the alliteration in the title of the film.

In slasher movies as in porn films the plot doesn`t matter, aficionados of blood and mayhem care only about the body count. But here`s the plot of this motion picture:

In 1974 at a West Virginia Sanatorium three inbred West Virginia cannibals escape from their cell, and needless to say bloody mayhem ensues. The three young cannibals, Three-Finger (so-named because he ate two of his finger), Saw-Tooth (he has a penchant for sharpening his teeth on the stone walls of his cell), and One-Eye (the young lad gouged out one of his eyes for his own amusement) kill all the staff, in cruel and unusual ways, and of course eat them.

The movie then jumps to 2003 where a group of young people, included a beautiful interracial l[e]sbian couple, find refuge from a blizzard in the now abandoned sanatorium. You don`t have to be a genius to figure out what happens next. The three cannibals are still living in the abandoned hospital, and they kill the clueless 20-somethings one by one.

All of the young persons die by the end of the movie, but the cannibals survive. Get ready for Wrong Turn 5: Buckets of Blood!

Blood and gore is not my cup of tea. Even if Wrong Turn 5 features a cast including 4 hot le[s]bian couples, I ain`t watching it. But if you enjoy blood and gore, this is right up your bloody alley.

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