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Published:February 16th, 2012 11:21 EST

Do You Think Whitney Houston Was A Lesbian?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The late songstress Whitney Houston was a closet le[s]bian who binged on drugs and alcohol to soothe the pain caused by living a lie. According to the Daily Mail, sources close to the star have broken the silence on her s[e]xuality following her tragic death.


A rumour that has been circulating for 30 years that Whitney had engaged in a secret relationship with her ex-assistant Robyn Crawford. According to British gay rights activist Peter Tatchell, Whitney`s marriage to R&B bad boy Bobby Brown was a smokescreen"

IOL Tonigt

Whitney Houston was a beautiful model, a talented actress, a record producer, a powerful singer, and in my opinion, she was a le[s]bian. Houston sends off such strong gay vibes, that it shatters glass.

I can hear some people saying that some folks can`t even wait for Whitney to be buried before they start dishing the dirt on her. That implies that they think there`s something wrong with being a lesbian, and that`s certainly not the point I`m making.

There must be an explanation as to why a woman who achieved incredible success in her profession, became addicted to drugs and alcohol. The contention that Houston resorted to drugs and booze to soothe the pain caused by pretending that she was straight, makes sense.

Whitney grew up in the church, she got her start singing Gospel, it would have been very difficult for her to come out of the closet.

Whitney married bad boy Bobby Brown in a desperate attempt to pass for straight. Houston was trying to soothe the pain of living a lie, and so she married a low-life who gave her pain up the wazoo.

Bobby Brown wrote in his autobiography that Whitney married him to cover-up her relationships with other women.

In 2000 Whitney responded to the rumors by stating: "I am a mother, not a lesbian. I am not gay". Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

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