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Published:February 16th, 2012 10:27 EST

Flags In New Jersey To Be Lowered In Honor Of Crackhead Whitney Houston

By Robert Paul Reyes

"New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is under fire for his decision to fly flags on state government buildings at half-staff Saturday when Whitney Houston`s funeral takes place in Newark."

USA Today


I have nothing but love for Whitney Houston, I have written a few essays lamenting her premature death and praising her contribution to pop music. The Guinness Book of World Records cited her as the most-awarded female performer of all time. In the 80`s at the height of Whitney`s fame whenever one of her records was played on the radio, you would hear at least one or two women in my office exclaim: Girl, that`s my song.

The Grammys paid tribute to Houston one day after her untimely death, as well they should have. Most radio stations, regardless of format, have been playing Whitney`s songs to honor one of the greatest pop stars ever.

But shame on Gov. Chris Christie for his foolish decision to fly flags on state government building at half-staff when Houston`s funeral takes place in New Jersey.

Whitney was a beautiful model, a talented actress, a great singer, and a CRACK HEAD. It`s a shame that the government is recognizing and honoring a drug addict.

Gov. Christie must be one of those idiots who believes that drug addiction is a disease, and Whitney is a blameless victim. If he really believes that nonsense, why didn`t he ever send her any get well cards? Christie must also believe that gluttony is an illness, and it`s not his fault that he weighs as much as a hippo.

It`s understandable and proper for MTV, radio stations, and the Grammys to honor Whitney, but it`s a crying shame that flags in New Jersey are being flown at half-staff in her honor.

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