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Published:February 16th, 2012 10:59 EST
President Obama's Responsible Budget Slams Social Security Lock-Box on McConnell and Boehner's fingers

President Obama's Responsible Budget Slams Social Security Lock-Box on McConnell and Boehner's fingers

By Harvey Carroll, Jr.


President Obama`s Responsible Budget slams the Social Security Lock-Box on McConnell and Boehner`s fingers. No longer will they have an open cookie jar to spend as they see fit as they did during the Bush Administration on Wars of Choice which squandered "Trillions of Dollars" worth of funds abroad and left Americans with little to nothing to show for their "invested tax dollars."


The Obama Budget reflects a continued commitment his "Re-Distribution of Wealth", which shuts the "Social Security Lock-Box" on the squandering scoundrels` of Washington, takes the wealth out of their hands, which mismanaged the wealth and brought America into the worst economic conditions since the Great Depression " The Obama Budget shifts the wealth back into the hands of the retiring Americans that worked hard for their pensions and back into "America`s Middle Class."


Senior Citizens and Health Care-- President Obama has focused on the Senior Citizens from day one as he passed what is demonized as Obama Care. He has also worked hard to try to get the debt in line with providing the retired Pensioner`s who worked hard for their Entitlements " to be able to rest and relax and know that Washington will keep their hands off their "Lock-Box" funds. After all these, hard working Americans earned it. They have been the ones that have made America strong over the past several decades.


Defense squandering is panned out--President Obama and Defense Secretary Panetta has shifted vast funds from a dirt digging Defense funds given to the American people in the past as Gold " The Defense budget tripled under the previous Administration from about 1 BILLION DOLLARS A DAY to a height of about 2.2 BILLION DOLLARS A DAY. The Obama Budget Defense Budget does not go back to the Clinton level Military that rolled into Iraq, and captured Saddam and controlled the country in only a few weeks. The Obama Budget cuts waste and contract abuse that ran ramped during the previous Administrations surging their fingers into the "Social Security Lock-Box" and the American economy.


The Obama Defense Budget of 524 Billion or 1.44 Billion a day starts America calls and end to fear and Defense free-loading and brings responsible Defense management that focuses on debt reduction, economic and national security, as well as meeting the Defense challenges of the 21st Century. Even the Ron Paul and Anti-War people have been applauding the Obama Administration for ending the War in Iraq, and slating to leave Afghanistan in about a year.

The Taliban has called for a Cease-Fire and opened up talks in Afghanistan after taking heavy casualties of their top and more radical leadership. It now appears that America and NATO will be leaving Afghanistan in about a year. American and the World owe President Obama a debt of Gratitude for Killing Osama bin Laden, and sending a message that the World will not tolerate fear, nor will the Global Economy be held back by terrorism.


Welfare to Workfare-- During the Bush Administration welfare basically tripled and went from 17 million when he took office in 2000 to nearly 45 million today. I see a direct correlation between the tripling of the Defense Budget with the tripling of the Welfare roles. Thereby, a reduction of the military squandering of nearly 1/3rd of its budget will allow a shift of nearly 300 billion or (about a 1 BILLION DOLLARS EACH DAY) to be shifted back into American Infrastructure projects, which in turn will expand growth and development within the United States and begin a vast creation of jobs " This allows communities like my own hometown of Irvine, Kentucky to see a bit of hope and begin to consider taking a look at long term Comprehensive Plans.


They can begin to dream like "Disney`s Imagineers" and ask What Ifs", and once they determine feasible and financeable projects they can begin new and innovative ways to tap into the State and Federal Infrastructure funds made available to the Obama Budget. "Comprehensive Planning" will help each and every part of their community grow with citizen participation. Such planning in each community, city and state will maximize and leverage the massive shift of wealth from building roads, bridges, agricultural projects, industrial parks, schools, and major creation of jobs in Iraq and Afghanistan and build them here in America. Iraq is Oil rich and Afghanistan as well as Pakistan that has been on America`s payroll in the War on Terror fight with Afghanistan both have resources that they could use more affectively to build their economies in a creative way. I tried to do my part and I shared a similar "Comprehensive Plan" with NATO/ISAF to reduce insurgency and assist in rebuilding those areas with citizen Involvement to bring responsible growth and development.


The Obama Budget far exceeds anything the Republican Presidential Candidates have said on their campaign stumps and hand-pumps around America-- All promising the World and even the Moon to get elected, but offering no real solutions and/or willing to tackle the real problems and special interest that have encouraged the opening of the Social Security Lock-Box and every other box of funds that American Taxpayers send to Washington.


Congressional gridlock with the President-- My only disappointment is that President Obama is meeting with Chinese leadership, but is not able to deal with the near 1 Trillion Dollar a year trade Deficit or approximately (2.74 BILLION DOLLARS PER DAY). This is America`s most serious problem as our trade imbalance gravely threatens America`s economic and national security more than any other issue. Yet, President Obama has his hands tied; even if the President offered to double the cost of imports via Tariff`s to protect American jobs, to bring new sources of revenues that would compete with State Run Capitalism of China be laughed at and undermined by the Republican leadership.


The very Beltway Bandits` that created the economic problems and ran up America`s debt as they took their commissions from special interest that undermined the American peoples best interest for decades. My mentor Ross Perot warned America about trade deficits, but Newt Gingrich`s Republican Congress passed NAFTA without labor reforms and has been costing America over 200 billion a year. To add insult to injury Mitch McConnell and wife Elain Chow`s (Bush long serving Labor Secretary) has favored bad and unfair trade Asian/China Trade Deals over American interest. This past year China trade imbalance alone was nearly 350 billion dollars.


The obstructionism and gridlock in Congress has become too much of a problem for a President that is trying to bring America back. This is why I favor the American people asking Mitch McConnell` who has supported so many policies that has undermined America`s economic and national security, threatens to turn over American keys to the "Social Security Lock-Box", and the Keys to the White House to China and vows that his primary interest is to defeat President Obama needs to pack his bags, and leave Washington, for he no longer represents my home state of Kentucky, nor the American peoples best interest.


Thank you, and may "God Bless America"

Harvey Carroll, Jr.


Photo Credit: WikiMedia Commons