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Published:February 16th, 2012 12:10 EST
Tibetan Students Storm Chinese Embassy in New Delhi

Tibetan Students Storm Chinese Embassy in New Delhi

By SOP newswire2

New Delhi: A protest by Tibetan students outside the Chinese embassy in New Delhi turned violent as students clashed with police personnel and climbed on their vans before being dragged away on Thursday.

At least 35 Tibetan students, including seven girls, were detained for the violent protests.

Protesters waved Tibetan flags and planned to storm the complex but were blocked by police, the officials said.

`At least 35 Tibetans were detained in the protests today,` a police officer told Agence India Presson the condition of anonymity. `No one was injured.`

An 18-year-old nun at a Tibetan Buddhist convent set herself on fire in southwest China to protest Chinese rule over Tibet, on February 11.

A day after theincident, an ethnic Tibetan monk set fire to himself in southwestern China on February 13, in the latest reported incident of an extreme form of anti-Chinese protest.

The Tibetan monk who set himself on fire was also the second Tibetan teenager to self-immolate in the last three days in Aba.

"Tibetan Youth Congress condemns China operation in Tibet and seeks only independence. So far 24 Tibetans have sacrificed their lives by lightening their body on fire. The Chinese government cannot just dismiss them as an act of terrorism. They can never deny the fact they are at fault and their inhumane torture entirely towards Tibetan people, leaving them with no other choice but to rebel and pay the penalty with a price of their precious human life," said a protestor, Tserng.

New Delhi issensitive about anti-China demonstrations by the Tibetan community in exile, especially since India has been making attempts to repair relations with China.

India has the world`slargest population of exiled Tibetans, including many who fled their homeland following a failed uprising against Chinese rule in 1959. The Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, makes his home in the Indian city of Dharamsala.

However, Indian authorities are sensitive about anti-Chinese demonstrations on their territoryfor fear of offending their powerful neighbor. (AIP News)

By Sheikh Imran bashir

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