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Published:February 16th, 2012 12:50 EST

Whitney Houston Candle Tribute Sets House On Fire

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A `devastated` Whitney Houston fan suffered a double-blow after setting her house on fire in a candle-lit vigil for the star.

Anne Lomax had been playing the singer`s records and saying prayers then lit a candle in Houston`s memory before going to bed.


But the curtains then caught fire from a candle flame and the blaze quickly spread to the TV and electrics in the property."


Anne Lomax is one of millions of Whitney Houston fans who are paying homage to the pop icon by playing her albums. It`s been Whitney Houston 24/7 in my house since I learned that she had died, I`ve been playing her albums and watching her videos on YouTube.

We don`t live in the Dark Ages, and we don`t have to rely on candles. Play a record or watch one of Whitney`s movies in her memory, but for the love of God don`t light a candle.

Lomax managed to escape without any injuries, along with her three dogs, but her living room was destroyed. Speaking of pets, don`t you dare buy any candles if you own a cat. The chances of a cat knocking over a lit candle are greater than the chances that Oprah Winfrey will make at least two trips to the buffet line. .

Let`s hope that this poor woman`s Whitney collection was undamaged, that would have been too huge a loss to bear.

Flashlights work better than candles, throw away your candles and play a Whitney Houston song.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org

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