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Published:February 17th, 2012 12:56 EST

Elvis The Famous Runaway Elk Finds Home In West Virginia Wildlife Center

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An elk that fled from a Pennsylvania farm and across the state line into West Virginia has been given a permanent home at a wildlife center.

The elk, which fled its Aleppo, Pa., farm last year and was captured about 17 miles away in West Virginia several months later in November, was taken to the West Virginia wildlife center in French Creek."



Runaway elk, when caught, are usually euthanized, Elvis is one lucky animal.

West Virginians are stereotyped as hillbillies, but Elvis owes his life to the good folks of West Virginia. The citizens of the Mountain State petitioned the powers that be to spare the life of Elvis.

Every animal, not just cute kittens and puppies, deserve to live. Putting animals to sleep should always be the last resort.

I for one will stop making jokes about West Virginia, no more cracks about squirrel road kill being the official state animal.

Elvis is adapting to his new home at the Wildlife Center, he was probably tired of life on the run.

Who says I never write feel good stories?

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org