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Published:February 18th, 2012 10:34 EST

Outrage: Son Evicts His Mom On Her 98th Birthday!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Connecticut man attempting to have his 98-year-old mother evicted from her home said he wants her out of the house for her own good.

Peter Kantorowski, 71, eldest son of Mary Kantorowski, said he wants his mother out of the Fairfield home she has occupied since 1953 because `she would be better off living with people her own age,` the Connecticut Post reported Friday.


Peter would have to search all over the world to find people of his mother`s age.

The ungrateful and selfish son presented his mother with the eviction notice on her 98th birthday. It`s a miracle she didn`t drop dead, right then and there.

Peter claims his mother belongs in a retirement home, but how can he know her condition when he hasn`t seen her for eight months?

In 1996 Mary transferred the deed of her house to a trust administered by her son, on the condition that she would live there until her death.

Peter can`t wait for his mom to die; he probably wants to rent out the property. If there`s any justice in the world, Peter who is no spring chicken, will pass away, before the case is adjudicated in court.

Mary should be able to spend the rest of her days in her home; she has many kind people who drop in to make sure she is OK.

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