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Published:February 19th, 2012 15:50 EST
Band of Holes or "An Alien Egg Box?"

Band of Holes or "An Alien Egg Box?"

By Ian Brockwell


With the lack of any remains connected with the "Band of Holes" in Peru, it is very likely that the mystery of their creation will never be uncovered.


Those who have investigated these  `holes`  almost automatically assume that they were made by humans, but as their date is unknown they could have been created long before humans appeared on the planet.


Many believe that human-like civilisations have come and gone on our planet several times before and there is some evidence to support this theory. This includes footprints left by giant humans and the discovery of a metallic machinery part that was dated long before the appearance of modern man.


Of course, there are some that believe  `aliens` played an important part in the development of our planet, introducing not just humans, but animals and plant life too.


Could it be that certain species on the Earth were brought here by aliens, perhaps from a planet where they were facing extinction?


I always find it difficult to understand how humans obtained such different features in such a short period of time (Asian, European, African etc.), unless some  `outside` influence had a hand in this. I also reject the idea that all creatures came from the sea, for the same reason. Is it really possible that so many different creatures, of such varying sizes, could have developed from the same source? And why did it take so long for humans to appear and become the dominant species?


In truth, we cannot know for certain where we came from, which means we can also speculate as to why the "Band of Holes" were made. If aliens have visited our planet in the past (as I suspect they have) and introduced a number of different creatures, who`s to say the  `holes`  were not used to hold large eggs for some species we have never seen before?


The holes certainly remind me of a very long egg carton and maybe the climate at the time was ideal for their incubation? The position of the holes would have captured a certain amount of sunlight and the soil would have kept some of this heat during the night. Over a period of time the "shells` would have decomposed, hence the lack of any remains.


Peru contains many mysteries and the Nazca  Lines (approximately 100 miles from the Band of Holes) is just one example. Maybe this part of the planet had a particular interest to aliens in the past, and may account for many UFO sightings in this area today?


I have been fascinated by mysteries of this kind for a very long time and it was this interest that prompted me to write my book "The Unexplained Explored", which covers the subjects of Evolution, Life after death, ESP, Ghosts, Future Dreams, Time Travel, UFOs and many other interesting topics.


By Ian Brockwell


Ian Brockwell writes straight talking, honest stories that engage readers.


Ian`s Book:    The Unexplained Explored     



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