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Published:February 19th, 2012 13:05 EST
Video Shows Abuse of Injured Dog at the Stark County Dog Warden Department

Video Shows Abuse of Injured Dog at the Stark County Dog Warden Department

By Ernest Dempsey

Employing unprofessional and heartless staff at animal shelters seems to be more common than imagined heretofore. A recent video of the Stark County Dog Warden Department of Ohio seems to confirm this thought. The video shows abuse of a helpless dog that later died, as it was helplessly left on the floor of the facility.

Uploaded to YouTube and shared also posted on Live Leak, the security video footage from last year shows a worker at the garage of Stark County Dog Warden Department roughly handling a dog that seems unable to walk. Nearly dragging it into a cage, the worker is shown pointing a high power hose at the dog for a brief while.

The dog is shown disturbed by the current and meekly tries to get out of the jet of water shot at it from two angles in what seems to be a rough bath-giving act. After this, the worker takes the dog out of the cage, with one hand pulling it from its tail, and lays it on the floor while another worker, a woman, takes a look at it.

The description of the video tells that the dog died after the abuse as it had been darted in an artery by the deputy shown in the video abusing the dog with the water hose. It was not taken to a vet despite lying injured on the floor, nearly dead, and in need of humanely euthanizing.   

Live Leaks, however, reports that the deputy later took the dog to a vet but it died en route. All reports confirm that the dog bled to death by the dart shot at it by the deputy and apparently no effort was made to stop its bleeding.

This abusive treatment of the dog that killed it before time and in a painful way did not go unnoticed and the deputy was given a written reprimand by the authorities over the dog`s abuse. But no punishment was given on the grounds of having insufficient evidence.

Now, the evidence has surfaced. Will the deputy be punished for his abusive treatment of the injured dog? Hopefully, he will get his due punishment, though the video should have been made public or at least taken into consideration immediately after the report of abuse was made. And a thorough investigation of the incident of course will do justice to a profession where ethics should come first.