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Published:February 22nd, 2012 18:02 EST
Judyth Piazza interviews Mythica von Griffyn, Poet, Chalk Artist, Body Painter

Judyth Piazza interviews Mythica von Griffyn, Poet, Chalk Artist, Body Painter

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

I am love creatively expressed, through poetry, chalk art, body painting, parties, and random acts of kindness; being the arms and legs of the divine, speaking with love, on worthiness, beauty, hope, & forgiveness. But most of all, unconditional love in daily action. I am who I am. Poet, Chalk Artist, Body Painter, Event Guru, Reiki Master, Spiritual Mistress, Certified Hypnotherapist, Reverend, HPS of the Universe, Actor, Director, Activist, Public Speaker, Lover of Life, Bringer of Hope, Social Networker, and so much more... As for the regular stuff... I graduated from Metro with a degree in Psychology, with minors in art and theater spring of 2011. I am a published poet. Grew up in Virginia. My parents and siblings live in Hallendale, FL. I live in Denver, CO. I`m a Sagittarius. Anything else you`d like to know, please just ask, I am insanely friendly.

My poetry is here:  

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Recently I was invited to come to Sarasota Florida for a chalk art festival. I had seen a link on a friend`s page and got invited to come some eight months later. I thought I was just going to my first festival outside of Colorado. I had no idea what was awaiting me. I arrived, not really knowing anyone. I dove off into the unknown and found several of my friends from the Denver Chalk Art Festival there. Then I found out that not only was this my first festival, but it was truly international. The more I talked to people, and read the amazing magazine that was sold at the show; I found out that this festival was of the best and brightest, most talented street painters and chalk artists in the entire world! Did you know that about the Sarasota Chalk Festival? I didn`t! The thing that was even more amazing was to find out.

I was one of them. I was walking about my mentors and heroes. I was so ridiculously happy. I even took a video of the hotel because it was so great.

I made friends not just with these amazing artists but the people of Sarasota. There was a salon called Scott Thomas. They took me in, and helped me. I had a nice place to put my things, charge my little iPod; get in out of the sun when I was feeling a little overheated. I got to know their family and the daughter got to come chalk with me. It was her birthday and she is a budding artist. I can`t tell you what it means to a young person who is those pre-teen years to have dozens of people tell them that what they are doing is amazing. I will let ANYONE chalk with me, including 3 year olds. Who knows how their lives will be inspired because they got to chalk with me. All I know is that it makes my heart swell to see them transform on the pavement, within minutes, from being afraid, to having confidence " in MINUTES. The power of that is huge. I don`t have kids, but I can change a child`s life, and so that is how I contribute to the future.

I had put down a little bio and pile of business cards next to my chalk art. One person who took my card saw that I am also a poet. He read nearly 100 of them, and asked me to be here with you. So serendipity has brought us here. She is a beautiful blessing that often graces my life. So I am glad she and Tom have brought me here to St. Augustine.

I am a documenter of the experiences in my life. I take pictures. I record video. I write blogs. I used to think that no one would believe that all of these things actually happened to me. I am grateful to the internet because it makes the world a real global village. I want to hear from you. I am all about interaction. If you come to care for me, then I will do the same. The world gets better through these connections. So I will share my poetry, chalk art, and adventures. And if it makes you smile, or think, then I have done my job.

Namaste` (the divine in me acknowledges the divine in you)