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Published:February 22nd, 2012 11:54 EST
Soap Genre Gets Much Needed Shot in the Arm with "Proper Manors"

Soap Genre Gets Much Needed Shot in the Arm with "Proper Manors"

By SOP newswire2

"Radio invented a new kind of drama called soap operas, then the magic of television brought these dramatic tales right into our living rooms. Now in 2012, it appears that Soap Operas have reached their final curtain call. However, the Internet has emerged as the entertainment medium of choice, especially at a time when so many well known Soap Opera Stars are looking for work."   

With so many well known soap operas leaving television, the fans that love them are also left behind, but 2012 and the web may very well give new life to the soap opera genre and bring us new shows with fresh new ideas. One such show is Proper Manors which begins shooting March 2012 in Utah.

Proper Manors is the work of well known writer/producer Pietro D`Alessio and based loosely on his rather complicated life growing up in a small town with a mysteriously successful Italian businessman father and a well to do Southern stepmother. The town was full of scandals and secrets, making for great, never ending, twisted stories that will fuel the small town in which the show is set, Proper, USA. 

As Proper Manors gets underway, they have spent months in pre-production putting together a strong cast of seasoned actors in television, film and stage as well as introducing a host of new talent. Two of the shows many leads are Hunter Gomez and Beau Stine. Hunter will be playing the character Joey Sorrento based on Pietro as a teen. Beau will be playing Jef Knights, based on the show`s executive producer and co-creator Jef Phillips, Pietro`s best friend and cohort. Together the boys find their way into many scandals and secrets of their own, in the small town of Proper. The show`s creators and cast have also begun doing interviews and talking with many experts and soap fans alike on various radio shows, the result has been a warm welcome to Proper Manors and a resounding excitement about the web as a new way to watch soaps. 

With many declaring 2012 the year of the webisode and actor/producers like Tom Hanks and Kevin Spacey also jumping onto the webisode band wagon it only makes sense that mixing webisodes and soap operas should be a winning combination for shows like Proper Manors. The birth of webisodes as new way to get our entertainment and the rebirth of the much loved soap opera genre, should provide soap fans with the entertainment they have grown to enjoy. 

Watch for Proper Manors to debut in May 2012 on but in the mean time you can follow its development on Facebook and Twitter as they add and update the making of this show, allowing the viewer to become part of the process from the beginning to the shows debut. With the tag line "Welcome to Proper...You`ve Been Warned" the show is certain to provide fun twists, secrets and plenty of entertainment.  If you decide to visit Proper, remember...You`ve been warned.