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Published:February 24th, 2012 13:14 EST
Rest Stop

Rest Stop

By Ed Roberts

Rest Stop


I am no place special


Just a small space

In a quiet part of town

A lot of folks pass by

Without even noticing

That I am here


People do come by

Every now and then

Especially in November and December

I honestly thank God for those two months

So many people stop by

Filled with a certain spirit

They leave so many things then

And believe me

I am so thankful

Most don`t know how long

We need these things to last


You see

Many don`t realize

I am here

All year long

So many need me here

All year long


I see all types

You know

Mary came by yesterday

She brought three whole bags of groceries

She always comes by the first Friday of every month

Calls it her food shopping day

I remember when she first came by here

About 3 years ago

She was so different then

She had lost her husband

Lost her job

Felt like she had lost everything

She met people here though

Saw what they were going through

It didn`t take her long

First she volunteered 2 or 3 days a week

She put herself back together

Helping them

Now she`s on her own

Running her own business

But still she comes back

Every food shopping day

Because she remembers

What it is like

To be on the other " side


David came by today

With his son

He said he never thought he would need charity

He was too proud to ask for a hand out

He soon found though

No one judges here

We are here to help

Nothing else

No strings

No promises

Just help

And maybe

Just a little hope as well



I am no place special


Some people call me the food pantry

The food bank

It doesn`t really matter

You know

A name is just a name

Maybe you can stop by sometime

If you can


I am here

7 days a week

I can promise

You will never leave here



Ed Roberts 2/22/12


Written for the Manna Pantry in Yukon Oklahoma!/permalink.php?story_fbid=370812539615544&id=179543692075764