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Published:February 25th, 2012 11:33 EST

Lady Shoplifts Crest Whitestrips And Places Them In Mouth

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Police in Florida said they arrested a woman accused of shoplifting $64.19 worth of goods, including Crest Whitestrips that she put on her teeth in the store.

The Manatee County Sheriff`s Office said Tami Lynn Stovall, 50, entered the Kmart at 6126 U.S. 301 in Ellenton Feb. 18 and stuffed the contents of a package of Maybeline eye lashes into her purse."


Tami Lynn Stovall, 50, didn`t steal food items to feed her hungry family, she shoplifted cosmetics. Stovall doesn`t deserve any sympathy, she could probably afford generic cosmetics at a dollar store.

Stovall stole cosmetics and torch oil, if the cosmetics failed to improve her looks was she planning on setting herself on fire?

Tami Lynn? With a country name like that I`m surprised she didn`t steal any pork skins or chewing tobacco.

I`ve seen her mugshot, she should have stolen a paper bag to place over her head. But at least her teeth were sparkling white for her mugshot. You have to admire a criminal who prepares for any eventuality.

Stovall was charged with larceny and booked into the Manatee County Jaill, and released the next day on a $120 bond.

Link to Stovall`s mugshot, open link at your own peril:,0,7539083.story

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