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Published:February 25th, 2012 13:37 EST
Netanyahu's Powerful Israel Lobby in America Tightens Grip on President Obama

Netanyahu's Powerful Israel Lobby in America Tightens Grip on President Obama

By SOP newswire2

Where is the EU, as Netanyahu`s powerful Israel lobby in America, tightens its grip on President Obama in an attempt to force the US to attack Iran in an attempt to further Israel`sown agenda of nuclear and territorial expansion?

Europe will be the ultimate loser in a conflict that will escalate as the price of crude oil doubles, leading to economic meltdown and civil unrest.  Whathas happened to the voices of reason? Where are the forces of humanity, morality and peace?

2012 threatens to be more devastating than 1939 as thenoise of war mongering for an illegal and unjustified war, becomes a clamour for the Middle East to go up in flames, with the possible use of nuclear weapons.

Are we all sleep-walking? Where are the statesmen, the leaders and the church? Is there no one who remembers the bloodshed, suffering and mayhem of the last war in Europe that has taken us nearly three quarter`s of a century to forget?  Where is the leadership from Berlin, London and Paris?  Are we all to suffer the unknown consequences of a disastrous conflict to further the aims of a small, foreign state that treats the United Nations and international law with such contempt?

As of this date, there are more than 500,000 illegal settlers on occupied land in violation of both the authority of the UN and the Geneva Conventions. There is also a massive undeclared nuclear weapons arsenal hidden from the IAEA in a secret underground, desert location.  This new conflict is intended to consolidate these violations of peace and international agreement.

The UN, EU and US urgently need to establish the entire region,to include both Israel and Iran, as a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone, and Barack Obama needs to establish his authority as President of the United States of America and as an envoy for peace, not an instrument of war.

By Douglas Reed