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Published:February 26th, 2012 18:06 EST
The Musical Oasis: Icon: N.W.A.

The Musical Oasis: Icon: N.W.A.

By Kenrick Rampersad

The Musical Oasis: Icon: N.W.A.

***(Disclaimer: This edition of our show contains music that might not be appropiate for everyone.  Auditive discretion is advised, as the lyrics of these songs paint a picture with crude and rough language)



`Straight Outta Compton`  Straight Outta Compton

`F*** Da Polic`e  Straight Outta Compton

`Gangsta Gangsta`  Straight Outta Compton

`Alwayz into Somethin`  Efil4zaggin

`Real N****z`  Efil4zaggin

`No Vaseline`  Ice Cube`s Death Certificate


THE MUSICAL OASIS, Hosted by Kenny R

Kenny R is the Avatar of Kenrick Rampersad, Connecticut School of Broadcasting Grad and current on air personality at WOKC 100.9 FM & 1570 AM, Okeechobee, Florida.

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