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Published:February 27th, 2012 12:09 EST

Video: Goddess Angelina Jolie's Right Leg The Highlight Of The Academy Awards

By Robert Paul Reyes

James Franco and Anne Hathaway did such a horrible job hosting the Academy Awards last year that the Academy resorting to excavating the remains of Billy Crystal to do the honors this year. It must have been done as a homage to the silent picture "The Artist", because Crystal hasn`t been relevant since the silent picture era. Thank goodness I didn`t watch the snoozefest, Crystal should be re-buried, this time encased in a ton of concrete.


There was only one highlight, but it was worth the price of Admission. Angelina Jolie`s right leg was the star of the show. The bombshell actress is the epitome of perfection, every part of her body is hot. I could kiss those plumb lips for hours; I could find comfort in her amble bosom all night long; and I could gently caress those long legs till Brad comes home and kicks my butt.

But it was Angelina Jolie`s right leg that got all the buzz last night. Girlfriend rocked the Oscars in a black velvet Atelier Versace dress, which featured a slit on the right-hand side that went all the way up to lofty regions that men consider paradise. When Jolie hit the stage to present Best Adapted Screenplay,she struck the pose of the century.

Angelina looked liked a goddess, one hand on her curvaceous hip,and she stood in such a way as to accentuate her naked right leg. The mouth-watering pose was immediately mimicked by "The Descendants" screenwriters when they accepted the screenplay award from the Hollywood legend.

When I die and go to heaven, I don`t want to be welcomed by freakin` St. Paul; I want to be welcomed to paradise by Angelina Jolie striking that heavenly pose.

Pic of Angelina`s marvelous leg:

Video of Angelina`s leg:

Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org

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