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Published:February 28th, 2012 18:51 EST

Madness In Sweden: Drunk Intruder Found Sleeping In Child's Bed

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Swedish father who found a drunk man sleeping in his 3-year-old`s bed said he only decided to call police after discovering the stranger had urinated.

The father said he discovered the drunk passed out in the bed. He told the newspaper Aftonbladet he considered handling the matter without police, but changed his mind when he saw the mystery man had urinated on the mattress."



Evidently the Swedish father would have let the drunk go, with a lecture no doubt, if he hadn`t urinated on his son`s bed. It`s because of wimps like this Swedish dad, that the world is such a mess. If the drunk had gotten away with breaking into a home, he would have little reason not to do it again.

I would have called the cops, hopefully it would have been the loser`s third strike and he would have been put away for a long time.

But had I handled things myself, it wouldn`t have been a lecture the drunk received, it would have been a beating of epic proportions.

Man up America! Don`t be a wimp like this Swedish father.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia