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Published:February 28th, 2012 16:30 EST
 Psychiatrist`s Wife Shares Insight on Mental Health System  in New Book

Psychiatrist`s Wife Shares Insight on Mental Health System in New Book

By SOP newswire

At 85, not everyone can write a book, especially on a subject few have any experience with: what it was like to live on the grounds of a loony bin in the 1950s. Henrietta M. Jaeger -- author of Five Strolled Into Madness -- married the well-known psychiatrist, Eugene A. Jaeger MD, where she lived on the grounds of the Norristown State Mental Hospital while he did his residency. With three young kids, and mentally ill inmates constantly escaping and giving pursuit, there was never a boring day on the Funny Farm. 

But what is not funny about any of this is that Jaeger was able to chronicle how living amongst the truly insane affected her and her family. Witnessing the decay of the mental health system -- as Lyndon Johnson`s Great Society socialized medicine across America -- Jaeger was only able to survive with the help of Jesus Christ. 

Five Strolled Into Madness, an instant best-seller, has been published by Publish America and is available in bookstores and at Based on a true story, "Five" shows a view of the mental health system rarely seen in Establishment books thanks to the Frankfurt School`s "march through the institutions," a propaganda scheme first proposed by the political philosopher, Herbert Marcuse, to supplant traditional Christian values with cultural Marxism, also known as "political correctness." 

Henrietta Jaeger -- a member of the "Daughters of the American Revolution" and a direct-descendent of the Founding Fathers -- was born in Philadelphia and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania at a time when women rarely attended college. As a playwright at the time, Jaeger wrote a number of off-off Broadway hits, among which were IT`S A DOG`S WORLD, RETURN THE CLOCK and GO ON WITH THE WEDDING. 

Also well-known for her role in founding the Main Line Antiques Club, the premiere historical club in the Philadelphia suburbs, Henrietta Jaeger is a documentary film producer. Having produced five films relating to the U.S. Constitution and our Christian heritage, these films have been seen by millions even though the liberal media has done its best to ignore them. Among the films Jaeger has produced is the Telly award-winning documentary, FIAT EMPIRE, featuring presidential candidate, Ron Paul. More recently Jaeger executive-produced ORIGINAL INTENT, a 3-hour epic on the U.S Constitution featuring Patrick J. Buchanan (author of the controversial book, Suicide of a Superpower), Ron Paul and foremost constitutional attorney, Edwin Vieira (with four degrees from Harvard): 

Last Fall, Henrietta Jaeger co-produced "SPOiLER -- How a Third Political Party Could Win" (, featuring Pat Buchanan, pastors Chuck Baldwin and Peter Lillback (George Washington`s Sacred Fire) and John McManus (President of The John Birch Society). The 119-minute feature explores the causes of the welfare-warfare state and underscores Jaeger`s Christian-oriented life as the loving wife of a psychiatrist who faced an ever-increasing system of socialized medicine as her family of Five Strolled Into Madness.