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Published:February 29th, 2012 13:41 EST

Reviews are Pouring in for Redefining Diva: Life Lessons From The Original Dreamgirl

By SOP newswire2

The rave reviews are coming in one right after the other for Sheryl Lee Ralph`s first book, REDEFINING DIVA: LIFE LESSONS FROM THE ORIGINAL DREAMGIRL (3/13 from Simon & Schuster).

Kirkus Reviews says, "A highly enthusiastic memoir by one of the original Broadway Dreamgirls... Actress Ralph embraces the label Diva ("Divinely Inspired Victoriously Anointed"), ... Proposing that a real diva is a strong woman who respects herself and others and who promotes positive change. Ralph presents an engrossing story of a woman who challenged Hollywood... Her responses to trying circumstances reveal genuine grace and the ability to move forward with forgiveness.


"In Ralph`s sharp account of the stage performance [Dreamgirls], she reveals intimate views of Nell Carter, Quincy Jones, Jennifer Holliday, and especially Michael Bennett, the show`s director and choreographer...She offers stories about Diana Ross, adding new drama to the Dreamgirls saga...Ralph`s involvement in children`s charities, politics, and her own Diva Foundation, which promotes AIDS awareness, portrays a deeply compassionate woman. Readers will welcome her honesty."

 Fitness Guru, Richard Simmons says, "Sheryl Lee Ralph`s REDEFINING DIVA is delightful, insightful, humorous and delicious in every sense of the word. A must read for every person looking to be divinely inspired ..."

Day time talk show host, Wendy Williams says, "Sheryl Lee Ralph is a true D.I.V.A. She uses her powers for good not evil.

This book is truly an inspiration to all who read."

and the list goes glowingly on. Original DREAMGIRL and DIVA Sheryl Lee Ralph has written a book that tells it like it is.

Part memoir, part self-help, Ralph says "You`ve got to be able to look in the mirror and LOVE what you see.That person should mean the world to you. Your relationship with that person should be worked on every day and not neglected because YOU really mater."

In sharing moments from her life (the good, the bad and yes, the ugly) Ralph reclaims and truly redefines the word DIVA placing it in the hands of those who want to recognize that they are Divinely Inspired Victoriously ALIVE people who are able to go with the ups and downs of life. Miss Ralph, Auntie Sheryl or DIVA as she is affectionately called,Sheryl Lee Ralphs book appeal spans generations in its call to readers to roll with the punches and appreciate that when you get knocked down, you must get back up again because through it all, Life is for the living.

The alternative is for the dead.You chose.

1. "DIVA is an equal opportunity word and a way of life! Live it!!

2. Ho, Ho, Ho will win you an Academy Award, especially a Ho with a heart of gold. Just ask Julia Roberts or Shirley McClain.

3. Dianna (Ross) isn`t dirty, she`s a mama... just like me.

4. Moesha was at times "a hot mess" but my relationship with Brandy was a true blessing.

5. DreamGirls was the best and worst of all times for me but I wouldn`t give up one step of that journey.

6. Sex sells but never sell yours, the price is too high.

7. A little failure is good for you. It`s called experience.

8. Fabulous is a full time job and most folks are working part time.

9. Everyday above ground is a good day!

10. There will always be somebody taller, shorter, fatter, thinner, smarter and dumber. And then there is you. Do You cause, everybody else is taken.

11. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you and not unto them before they stick it to you.

12. Happy is a destination.

13. Life is a journey NOT a destination.

14. You must be able to look in the mirror and love what you see.

15. The best relationship you will ever have is with yourself, so treat you right! After all, if you can`t love yourself how can anybody else??

16. DIVA is Divinely Inspired Victoriously ALIVE!!!

17. Your life has a groove, make it funky now!

18. Never, ever, ever give up!!! Dig those claws in DIVA.

19. There is nothing wrong with being right.

20. Rest is a beautiful thing hence beauty rest.

21. Rest is underrated and so valuable because it cannot be replaced.

22. Life is very simply. People make it difficult.

23. Money is the root of all madness, sadness and joy.

24. There is joy in sex, just do it... responsibly!

25. Everything used to mean family.

By Sheryl Lee Ralph

Redefining DIVA

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