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Published:March 2nd, 2012 15:47 EST
Coach Ruben Discusses How to Have a Healthy Lifestyle with Judyth Piazza

Coach Ruben Discusses How to Have a Healthy Lifestyle with Judyth Piazza

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Award-winning speaker, Ruben J. Guzman, M.P.H. lives as proof of what he presents. In October 1990, he ruptured his achilles while playing basketball. Subsequently, he became apathetic about his health and gained weight. In January 1995, he began his transformation. Ruben personally lost over 50 pounds of fat and has been healthy and fit ever since. But more importantly, he has empowered hundreds to do the same for themselves.

Ruben has conducted programs for various organizations including the California State Capitol, City of Sacramento, Hewlett-Packard, VSP, Intel, Yahoo, UC Davis, Kaiser and Mercy Healthcare, the Los Angeles County Sheriffs, and several departments for the State. He is also an expert speaker for Vistage International, the world`s largest CEO organization, and travels extensively training executives in health, leadership and communication. Coach Ruben works with CEOs, executives and organizations empowering them to create a thriving culture with dynamic leadership.

A professor at DeVry University, Ruben teaches classes in leadership, communication and psychology. He holds a Masters degree in Public Health (MPH) from UCLA specializing in Behavioral Sciences and Health Promotion, and spent three years at UC Davis Medical School. He was a professional swimming coach for 30 years.

Ruben is nationally certified as a personal trainer and nutrition consultant, and has successfully coached and trained many champions in sports, business and health. His dynamic energy is both inspirational and motivating! Coach Ruben provides keynote addresses, workshops, corporate wellness programs, healthy lifestyle coaching, business and executive coaching, thriving culture set-ups and organizational culture makeovers.

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