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Published:March 2nd, 2012 11:36 EST

Elderly Gentleman Shoots Himself Twice Trying To Kill Caged Racoon

By Robert Paul Reyes

Larry Godwin, 68, accidentally shot himself twice, while trying to shoot a raccoon caught in a trap. The first shot ricocheted off the cage, and hit the old man in the lower abdomen. He then dropped his hand gun and it went off again, striking him in the same spot. There is a God, and he loves animals.


Godwin lives in the rural town of Redfield, and he`s probably a hunter, let`s just hope that when he goes deer hunting he picks up his shotgun instead of his handgun, and let`s pray he shoots at deer and not people.

The elderly gentleman should take up a sport where he has a fair chance of succeeding -- say fishing from a barrel.

Godwin shouldn`t be toting anything more dangerous than a cap gun, his wife should switch his 22-caliber handgun with a cap gun, he probably won`t notice.

In the great scheme of things the raccoon is more beneficial to the habitat than Godwin, it`s unfortunate that we are encroaching on the natural habitat of wild animals.

Godwin was taken to a hospital in Des Moines, and his injuries aren`t life-threatening.


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Photo Source: Wikipedia.Org