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Published:March 3rd, 2012 13:58 EST

Dutch Mobile Euthanasia Units Make Housecalls! God Bless The Netherlands!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A controversial system of mobile euthanasia units that will travel around the country to respond to the wishes of sick people who wish to end their lives has been launched in the Netherlands.

The scheme, which started on Thursday , will send teams of specially trained doctors and nurses to the homes of people whose own doctors have refused to carry out patients` requests to end their lives.

The launch of the so-called Levenseinde, or `Life End`, house-call units - whose services are being offered to Dutch citizens free of charge - coincides with the opening of a clinic of the same name in The Hague, which will take patients with incurable illnesses as well as others who do not want to die at home."


To live a long time isn`t a blessing, if in your last years you are unable to physically and intellectually do the things that give meaning to your life.

If at some point I am no longer able to walk my dog, write an essay or a poem, or even able to bathe and dress myself, what`s the point?

If I am stricken with a terminal disease, I don`t wish to be kept alive for a few more miserable months by use of advanced medical technology. If I don`t have a terminal condition, but my quality of life is unbearable, I would commit suicide.

But If I am unable to kill myself, either because I lack the will, or the physical ability, physician-assisted suicide should be an option.

Mobile euthanasia units are a Godsend for terminally ill individuals who desire a painless death in the comfort of their homes. These units are manned by specially trained physicians and nurses who realize the medical and spiritual significance of what they are doing.

Safeguards are built into the system, the mobile euthanasia isn`t going to respond to the home of a person who wants to die because his pet goldfish just died.

The poor soul seeking a visit from the mobile euthanasia unit must be terminally ill, be in severe pain, and must have expressed the wish to die voluntarily, clearly and on several occasions.

The doctors and nurses manning these units are angels, freeing patients from misery and pain. I wish there were mobile euthanasia units operating in the United States.

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