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Published:March 4th, 2012 12:39 EST

Owner Fights Cougar To Save His Pooch

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Shortly before midnight, a man was walking his two dogs on-leash near a Safeway store when a cougar emerged from the darkness and attacked the smaller of the two dogs.

The man, whose identity has not been released, fought off the cougar, saving the 15-kilogram dog`s life.


"The guy had a bigger dog and a smaller dog, and the cougar went after the smaller dog. He fought the cougar off and the dog escaped with a few scratches," said District Fish and Wildlife officer Ron Wiebe."


A man will do anything to save his pooch, even take on a tiger. A few years ago I was walking my dog when a pit bull came out of nowhere and attacked my beloved pet, clutching him by the neck.  I didn`t have any weapon with me, and I ineffectually pummeled the pit bull with my fists. A construction crew came to our rescue, and five of us were kicking the pit bull, but he refused to release my dog. Somebody called 911, and an an officer had to put down the pit bull. My canine eventually healed from his injuries.

I learned my lesson, and now I never walk my dog without having a weapon, even a 12-inch screwdriver makes a handy weapon. I don`t have to deal with cougars in my neck of the woods, but folks who live in rural areas, like this guy in Canada, need to always carry protection when walking their dogs.

Wildlife officers spent an entire day hunting for the cougar, but they came up empty. The wildlife officers said it`s too early to know if the cougar will be killed or relocated.

The brave dog owner wasn`t hurt, and his tiny pooch escaped with only a few scratches.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org