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Published:March 6th, 2012 23:25 EST
"Bounty Gate" and The NFL

"Bounty Gate" and The NFL

By Kenrick Rampersad

An Extra Moment in Sports with Kenny R

This week has been a very emotionally charged and active week. The Rush Limbaugh Sandra Fluke fiasco has brought out many people who plain and simple want Rush silenced. In the meantime, Mike Malloy mocks the victims of the tornadoes and their beliefs this past weekend but no one seems to know or care.

In the middle of all that the NFL and specifically the New Orleans Saints are dealing with a scandal that puts to the test a culture hidden but widely known in the world of American professional football.

Is this "bounty program" something indefensible, something so hideous that it will require a strong reaction by the league? Should we expect more surprises as more details become available? Was this something designed to take out key players or was it just an incentive within the game in which no rule was violated?

This will only get more complicated but we will be on top of it, as we start discussing the "Bounty Gate" scandal here, on An Extra Moment.