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Published:March 7th, 2012 10:18 EST
Evangelist Raising Funds for Churches by Blessing Others First

Evangelist Raising Funds for Churches by Blessing Others First

By SOP newswire

Evangelist Terry McIntosh uses the "Push" theory to raise money for Churches and his own ministry - that is by giving away from himself to bless others first. He says, "It`s a win-win for everyone, and a real God send to help people who need it."

McIntosh is best known for his missionary work in Israel and the West Bank after he established a Christian chapel in the midst of Islam in 1996 during intense fighting between Israel and the Palestinians. He has since turned ministry responsibility over to local ministers, but remains active in a supporting role with regular visits to the area.

McIntosh owns the FREE 9-1-1 Prescription Card Company which offers a free service to consumers saving them up to 85% off prescriptions. His company`s national average is just under 60% savings. McIntosh gives the RX discount card away free to consumers, no enrollments, no fees, just pure savings, and the 55,000 contracted pharmacies pay him to do it. "It blesses the socks off people who don`t have adequate insurance," McIntosh says. "It`s our goal to make a difference in people`s lives, and raise money for the multi-purpose of God."

McIntosh wants to help fund Church missions, and is giving away free RX cards to Churches in order to bless the saints who need help - and he is paying the Church to do it. He has dubbed it "Project Blessing." McIntosh pays $1 per claim - not per visit, not per person, but per claim. Some consumers go to the pharmacy monthly with several scripts to fill.

"It helps the saint, and can also be used as an outreach to impact the community," he says. "It builds a residual income for the Church because the cards do not expire and are used over and over again. A dollar may not sound like much, but if you have 1,000 claims per month coming in, that`s a lot of money that can be used to fund Church projects. An active Church with participating members can easily distribute thousands of cards in short order."

You can download or copy a sample card at Simply take it to a contracted pharmacy, and collect your savings. The card is also available in Spanish.

Contact McIntosh direct if your Church wants to participate in Project Blessing. It`s all FREE. Call 800.872.1205 or 270.534.0792 for more info. Also visit for details.