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Published:March 7th, 2012 17:50 EST

Milkmen A Dying Breed! Do They Get A Lot Of Action?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"There`s one fewer milkman in Canada this week after a veteran of 34 years in Edmonton, Alberta, parked his truck for the last time, the National Post reported.

Barry Svederus, 55, told the newspaper he would start work next week as a school custodian after delivering milk to more than 400 customers without taking a sick day in his 34 years."



I retain fond memories from my childhood of picking up bottles of milk left on our porch by the milkman; It`s sad that there are very few milkmen left.

Milkman jokes were once a staple of stand-up comics, but women today can fool around at work or with creeps they meet online. One time when I was a wee child my older sister told me that the milkman was my real dad, and I almost cried when our regular milkman was replaced by somebody else. I think that milkmen really did get a lot of action; I remember our milkman always being in a good mood.

Svederus should be commended for never taking a sick day in 34, but if he was hooking up with lonely housewives I can understand why he never took a day off. Svederus deserves a place of honor in the Players` Hall of Fame.

Skyrocketing gasoline prices, convenience stores and jealous husbands are to blame for the demise of the milkmen.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org

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