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Published:March 7th, 2012 13:03 EST

Ron Paul 0 for 23! Time For The Media To Kick Paul To The Curb!

By Robert Paul Reyes

On Super Tuesday Rep. Ron Paul put his effort into caucuses in North Dakota, Idaho and Alaska, but once again he failed to win a single contest.

Rep. Ron Paul is now 0 for 23, he`s failed to win a single primary or caucus.


The Texas libertarian`s strategy is to focus on the caucus states, where his motley army of true believers can take over the process, but he`s yet to win a caucus.

When Paul is asked by the media why he is still in the race, he responds that his message is catching on, and that it`s about how many delegates you have, not how many contests you win.

True enough, but if you don`t win any states, you aren`t going to end up with many delegates. Half of the states have already voted in the Republican presidential nomination process, and you don`t have to be a mathematician or a political guru to realize that the cranky old goat doesn`t have a snowball`s chance in hell of winning the nomination.

Paul has the right to remain in the race as long as he wants, but why does the press pay him any attention? Paul`s message may be catching on with the lunatic fringe, but mainstream Republicans have soundly rejected his platform, especially his foreign policy views.

The cable news outlets should stop airing his speeches after every primary loss, we don`t care what he has to say. Paul is given a pass because he`s so old, but journalists shouldn`t treat him with kid gloves. We don`t need Paul as comic relief, and his not anyone`s goofy old grandpa, we shouldn`t be subjected to his goofy ideology.

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