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Published:March 10th, 2012 13:38 EST

Video: Nicole Landkas Wins Florida Pole Dancing Championship

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Nicole Landkas won the champion title in the amateur division during last weekend`s first annual Florida Pole Fitness Championship in Orlando.

Landkas is a fifth generation aerial performer whose credits include winning awards at the International Circus Festival in Monte Carlo. She started training at age 5.


Herald Tribune

The Florida Pole Fitness Championship is an athletic competition, not an opportunity for women to get their sleaze on. The contestants aren`t dressed in g-strings, and they don`t have to give the judges lap dances.

The Florida Pole Dancing Championship was held at the Heaven Event Center in Orlando, not at the Hot Girls strip club in a red light district.

Nicole didn`t learn how to pole dance at a strip joint, she`s a gifted aerial performer and an instructor at a pole fitness studio. Pole dancing is the hip new way to keep in shape, so dude if your girlfriend tells you she is pole dancing after work, no need to worry.

Congratulations to Nicole, she`s a beautiful and talented performer.

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