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Published:March 11th, 2012 12:16 EST

Dude Driving To Court Hearing Caught Speeding 3 Times In An Hour

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Nevada man driving to a court hearing was stopped for speeding three times in Oregon, racking up $2,000 in fines, police said.

Lt. Gregg Hastings, a spokesman for the Oregon State Police, said the driver, Jose Romero-Valenzuela, 34, of Las Vegas, was clocked at 105 mph the first time, 98 mph the second and 92 the third, The Portland Oregonian reported. All three stops occurred within about an hour."



The driver should be commended for taking desperate measures to arrive at his court hearing on time, he has a measure of respect for the law. If he had left home a couple of hours earlier he wouldn`t have had to drive in speeds in excess of a hundred miles per hour.

The speeding tickets managed to slow down Jose a little bit, the first time he was clocked at 105 mph, 98 mph the second, and on the third he slowed down to 92 mph.

Speedy Gonzales was in a hurry to get to a hearing on a drug charge in Oregon, my guess is that he takes cocaine, not weed. If a pot head bothered to go to a court hearing at all, he would take his sweet time getting there.

Romero could lose his license for driving at more than 100mph, he may have to take the bus to his next court hearing.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org