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Published:March 11th, 2012 12:47 EST
Mysterious Flash of Light Over Phoenix Leaves Everyone Baffled

Mysterious Flash of Light Over Phoenix Leaves Everyone Baffled

By Ron G Anselm

An early morning news broadcast in Phoenix, Arizona appeared to have more than just breaking headline news reported. A large flash of light in the background of the news video seems to have authorities and everyone watching wondering just what that flash of light was that is appearing out of nowhere in the Northwest corner of Phoenix.

With so many phenomenon`s taking shape in the news over the past few years who knows what that mysterious flash of light could have been.  We have heard about so much drama in the news lately that anything and everything is possible. Even I would probably believe a report if it was found to be true that that mysterious flash of light was little green men in their hovering UFO taking a sightseeing tour over Metropolitan Phoenix. And by the way, I don`t believe in UFO`s but with all the different and bizarre new stories out there I wouldn`t be surprised if it was found for this to be true.

The early morning news was taking place with Interstate 17 in the background when the large and bright flash of light happened. It looks like a transformer explosion but with further investigation by the two power companies that service the metropolitan Phoenix area were found not to be the case. The two power companies reported that they did not have any reports of any power transformers exploding at that time or in the areas of the flash of light.

"It`s a mystery to us as well. I can`t even offer a guess," said Doug Nintzel, a spokesman for the Arizona Department of Transportation. ( 2012) That really makes you wonder when the state cannot even give a clue as to what this or any mystery is most of the time they have an answer to any mystery but not in this case.

Charlotte Dewey, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Phoenix, says there was no weather activity that might explain the flash. (, 2012) That would have been my second guess that maybe a rouge thunderstorm may have been the culprit but as you can see it was not the case either.

The mysterious flash startled so many people even Luke Air Force Base was called but no comment as of yet by any officials from Luke Air Force Base on what the flash may have been.

So, in any case what could that mysterious flash over Phoenix and the surrounding desert area could have been? This is not the first time Phoenix has been the center of mystery. In 1997 more mysterious lights in the shape of a V-formation was reported by dozens of onlookers.

"So with this the recently mystery that surrounds the large flash of light out of nowhere is as mysterious as an old saying by Charles De Lint which goes like this,  life without mysteries which would make life very dull indeed and what would be left to strive for or figure out if everything were known?" (C. delint, 1951)


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