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Published:March 13th, 2012 14:33 EST
The Stains of Yesterday

The Stains of Yesterday

By Ed Roberts

The Stains of Yesterday


He did nothing to wrong anyone

A stand up, hard working man

Leaving a hotel on a Sunday morning

Or at least he tried to


They had partied all night

Finally decided to leave

But they didn`t go home

They decided to go hunting

Hunting for anyone

Whose skin was not the color

Of their own


They saw him from the highway

Pulled their trucks into the parking lot

Out of blind hate

They beat this man

Without even knowing his name


No, he hadn`t done anything wrong

He just happened to be

The first black man that they saw


They left him beaten and bleeding

In the parking lot

At least part of them did anyway

One decided to wait

Enjoyed watching their victim struggle

Struggle to regain his feet

Struggle to try and get away

From their crime

He made it to the street

Before the pickup started

As he staggered along the curbside

The final attacker ended his life


This was early on a Sunday morning

Later that day

Many gathered at their place of worship

And offered up a prayer

For a 49 year old man

Who had been viscously beaten

And killed

That morning


Some of those who knelt before God that day

Did so

Knowing that back at their home

Hanging in their closets

Were well fashioned, white, stained sheets

Covered with mud and blood



This isn`t a story from the 40`s or 50`s

Something that happened before so many decided to change

This was Jackson, Mississippi

On an early Sunday morning in August

Of the year 2011


Ed Roberts 3/10/12



Hate is not a natural emotion; it has to be either taught or learned. As long as there are those that continue to infect those who follow them. We will all have to live with this stain.