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Published:March 14th, 2012 10:29 EST

Deadly Shooting At A Gas Station Over Price Of Condoms

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A customer at a Detroit gas station was shot and killed Friday night by a store clerk, apparently during a dispute over the price of condoms.

An employee at the BP gas station where the shooting took place told CBS Detroit the customer bought a box of condoms, but claimed he was overcharged and could have bought them somewhere else for a cheaper price.


When told he would not be given a refund, the customer allegedly began tossing items off the shelves, CBS Detroit reports. The employee says the overnight clerk came out with a gun and fired what was meant to be a warning shot, which struck the customer in the shoulder."

CBS News

Only an idiot will purchase condoms at a gas station convenience store, and then attempt to get a refund, claiming he could have bought them somewhere else for a cheaper price. Everything is grossly overpriced at a convenience store, you pay up the wazoo for the convenience of being able to purchase an item quickly at any hour of the day or night. For the price that you pay for a carton of milk at 7/11 you can can buy a cow at a farm.

Most dudes who buy condoms at a gas station, need them immediatley, and they are more than willing to pay a small fortune for them.

The irate customer was not only a moron, but he was a jerk as well. When told that he would not be given a refund, he began to toss items off the shelves. I`ve worked stocking shelves at Walmart, and nothing made me angrier than a customer who picked up an items and them put them back in the wrong place. I can almost understand the clerk shooting a warning shot, that ended up hitting the customer in the shoulder, and ultimately killing him.

What a tragedy: The foolish customer will never get to use the condoms, and the store clerk will most likely spend at least a couple of years in prison for accidentally killing an oxygen thief.

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