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Published:March 14th, 2012 12:41 EST

Love Is In The Air At Detroit Zoo! Will Polar Bears Mate?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Officials at the Detroit Zoo said love may be in the air for female polar bear Talini and a male on loan from the Pittsburgh Zoo.

Bob Lessnau, curator of mammals at the zoo, said Talini and male polar bear Nuka appear to be taking a liking to one another.



Detroit isn`t exactly known as the City of Love, it ain`t no Paris, but it`s spring and a young polar bear`s fancy turns to love.

The zoo may be the only place in Detroit that`s safe, and where the conditions are ideal for love to blossom.

Talini has taking a liking to her suitor from Pittsburgh, the two bears are inseparable. Let`s hope that the lovebirds take their relationship to the next level, there`s nothing cuter than a baby bear. If the bears mate, there could be a baby born at the zoo in November.

Zoo officials tried to get Talini to mate with another bear a few years ago, but she declined his advances. Let`s hope she`s not so choosy this time, it may be another few years before zoo officials would try to find another boyfriend for her.

Isn`t love wonderful?

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

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