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Published:March 14th, 2012 11:55 EST

Newsflash: Pop Tart Paris Hilton Exits Her Car In A Ladylike Fashion! Bravo!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Exiting a car with legs akimbo is a sure way for rising female stars to get noticed - especially if they `accidentally` forgot to put on their underwear.

But Paris Hilton appears to have learned her lesson, exiting her car in an elegant and ladylike fashion to attend her mother`s birthday celebrations."


Daily Mail

When a celeb makes headlines because she exits her vehicle without exposing her nether regions, that`s a pretty good indication that she isn`t a woman of virtue.

But I shouldn`t be too critical of Paris Hilton, she`s taking baby steps. Hopefully, the next thing thing that the pop tart will learn is that commonsense and decorum dictates that a young lady should don underwear before leaving her home.

I sympathize with Hilton`s predicament, the only way that she can make headlines is by exhibiting a severe lack of etiquette. It`s not like the poor thing can generate headlines by releasing a great album, or by starring in a good movie.

Congratulations to Paris Hilton for demonstrating a modicum of good manners. Maybe, just maybe, some day Hilton will elicit positive press by a terrific job of acting in a serious movie. Yeah right, and some day purple pigs will fly out of my rear end singing "You Light Up my Life."

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