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Published:March 17th, 2012 10:24 EST
Style, Sex and Substance -- Catholic Women Share What really Matter to Them

Style, Sex and Substance -- Catholic Women Share What really Matter to Them

By SOP newswire

A healthy sense of confidence in the areas of style, sex and substance is integral to living a stable, rewarding life, according to 10 popular Catholic women bloggers. In Style, Sex & Substance: 10 Catholic Women Consider the Things That Really Matter (Our Sunday Visitor, 2012) these cultural influencers chat about the triumphs, trials and temptations of, well ... living. 

Edited by Hallie Lord -- a Generation X-convert to Catholicism whose own story is included as one of the chapters -- the book is a brass-tacks discussion about real life, real problems, and real solutions for Catholic women who struggle with the daily challenge of balancing faith, family and fiscal responsibility. 

The chapter contributors represent a range of contemporary women with whom other women can readily identify: two former atheists, a magazine editor, radio news director, several harried mothers, several more Catholic converts, a Hollywood screenwriter, and one that tackles a minefield of sexual issues. And they`re not all married, either. Contributors include:

  • ·         Jennifer Fulwiler
  • ·         Danielle Bean
  • ·         Simcha Fisher
  • ·         Barbra Nicolosi
  • ·         Rachel Balducci
  • ·         Anna Mitchell
  • ·         Rebecca Teti
  • ·         Elizabeth Duffy
  • ·         Karen Edmisten 

Style, Sex & Substance speaks to Catholic women from all walks of life. It identifies common insecurities, confusion, default behaviors, bad habits, misunderstandings, and taboos in everything from men and marriage, to friendships, to dealing with kids and families, to not dealing with them -- to choosing to remain single or career-focused. 

Many women, for example, don`t know how to handle toxic friendships, lukewarm faith in God, boredom with work or daily chores, lack of energy, isolation as a single person, or even common marriage plateaus. The book delves into many common sticking-points for the ordinary Catholic woman offering insights and solutions for overcoming them. 

Each chapter closes with a list of questions that readers can use for reflection individually or in a group setting. 

"It really is possible to live in this busy, modern, exciting world as a good Catholic who isn`t just a mute spectator," says Lord. "Whether you`re a rising executive, a maxed-out mother, or still trying to figure out where you fit in exactly, there`s comfort knowing you`re walking along the right path -- once you`ve surrendered to God`s will for your life." 
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