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Published:March 18th, 2012 12:21 EST

Would You Buy Camel Milk Ice Cream That Tastes Like Saffron Or Date?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"United Arab Emirates residents will be able to cool themselves down this summer with ice cream made with camel milk, officials said.

Abdullah Saif al-Darmaki, the chief executive officer of the Al Ain Dairy, told the company has spent large sums of money to create four camel milk ice cream flavors -- date, saffron, caramel and chocolate.



Why any Westerners would want to visit the United Arab Emirates is beyond me, besides the unbearable heat tourists have to put up the country`s Islamic fascism. If an American couple kisses in public, they will be met with hostile stares.

Imagine yourself in this hellish country, trying to find some relief from the broiling sun, and you go to an ice cream stand, and the vendor tries to sell you ice cream made from camel milk that tastes like date or saffron! I think the average American would rather book a trip to hell.

A spokesperson for the dairy said: We have spent a lot of time creating flavors that are different, and most importantly not available on the market. There`s no dung-flavored ice cream on the market, the fool should make his next ice cream flavor taste like camel dung.

A word to the wise: Stay the hell out of UAE

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