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Published:March 23rd, 2012 13:29 EST

Did John Travolta Bribe A Masseur To Make Love To Him?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Beverly Hills masseur claims that John Travolta attempted to buy gay sex from him after her was hired to massage the celeb. After being contacted through his Craigslist ad the masseur was picked up by John and driven to an expensive suite at an exclusive hotel. Despite threats and bribes by John the masseur refused to play prostitute and had to threaten John with a call to the police."


Celebrity Laundry

I`m not saying that John Travolta is gay, but when he sashays down Castro Street in San Francisco, all the car alarms go off, all the men rush out of the gay bars, all the traffic lights turn lavender, and all the birds start chirping Broadway show tunes.

Travolta`s sexual orientation is the worst kept secret in Hollywood, when an aspiring young actor gets his SAG card, he`s warned to keep his day job and he`s told that Travolta is the gayest person in the movie business. Not that there`s anything wrong with being gay, I`m just saying...

Everybody knows that the screen legend is homosexual, why he doesn`t come out of the closet is a mystery. It`s time for Travolta to man up, and stroll out of that closet.

The rumors that the "Pulp Fiction" star tried to bribe a masseur into having sex with him, may or may not be true. But they ring true, it`s not exactly a far-fetched concept.

It`s time for Travolta`s wife to kick him to the curb -- stop living a lie Travolta!

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