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Published:March 23rd, 2012 14:00 EST
Possibly the Tiniest Rescue Puppy Escaped Death Four Times

Possibly the Tiniest Rescue Puppy Escaped Death Four Times

By SOP newswire

Just 2-week old little Beyonce, who is not much bigger than a business card, has already escaped the jaws of death 4 times. Her first 3 brushes with death accrued before Beyonce was even born. 

Her mother, Casey, was abandoned by her previous owner and living on the streets during the first part of her pregnancy. Living on the streets is a hard life for any dog, let alone a 8 month old, small, pregnant Dachshund mix. Casey was lucky enough to survive the streets until she was picked up by Devore Animal Control. This was little Beyonce`s first brush with death.

After being picked up by animal control, Casey was scheduled to be spayed and have her puppies aborted. After being examined by a veterinarian, however, it was determined that Casey was too far along to have her pregnancy terminated. This was Beyonce`s second brush with death.

Like many of the expectant or new mothers who are picked up off the streets or dropped off at local shelters, Casey was then scheduled for euthanasia. Unfortunately animal control agencies do not have the capability to care for expectant mothers or mothers with young litters and as a result these animals often end up on the euthanasia list. The animal control agencies and shelters then do their best to find rescues to pull theses mothers and puppies. Luckily for Casey and her unborn litter, a community rescue group that help to place dogs from Devore animal control contacted The Grace Foundation of Northern California, who quickly came to their rescue. This was Beyonce`s third brush with death.

Once safe and sound at The Grace Foundation, Casey was taken to Blue Ravine Animal Hospital for an ultrasound. Because she was so far along and so large, The Grace Foundation wanted to make sure that she would be able to deliver safely on her own. Blue Ravine found that Casey was pregnant with 5 puppies, one of which was abnormally small and would most likely be stillborn.

Five days later, on March 8th, Casey delivered her puppies, with Beth Decaprio, Executive Director of The Grace Foundation and Casey`s foster mom and Dr. Michael Russell, Grace Foundation veterinarian, standing by. Beyonce`s fourth, and hopefully final, brush with death happened in the first minutes of her young life. 

Beyonce, the smallest puppy, was the last of the five puppies to be born. At birth she was not breathing and did not have a heartbeat. Dr. Russell quickly preformed heart compressions and was able to get her heart started. Although her heart was now beating strong, Beyonce was still not breathing. DeCaprio quickly stepped in to give little Beyonce mouth-to-mouth and was able to get her breathing normally.  

At one day old, Beyonce was so small she could fit into a spoon. Due to her small size, Beyonce needed to be bottle fed every hour because her mouth was too small to be able to nurse properly. Now at almost two weeks old Beyonce is almost as big as an iphone. Despite her rough start  and unusually small size, Beyonce is thriving and is normal in every other way.

Sadly, Beyonce and her family`s story are just one of thousands of mom`s and pup`s that will be dropped at animal control agencies around the Country this puppy season. Many of these litters will be euthanized.  Please help the Grace Foundation in their efforts to educate the public about the this tragedy and the importance of spaying and neutering their pets, as well  as adopting rescue dogs.

If everything continues to go well Beyonce and her family will be up for adoption in the next few weeks. For more information on how people can adopt one of these precious pups or help Grace in their efforts to save many more of these "last chance" dogs, please visit the Grace`s foundation`s website Every little bit helps and together we can help make sure these 5 little puppies and others are never again on death`s door step.    


* Guiness book of world records has been contacted about Beyonce and an application for possible record is being submitted.

For Media 

Who: 2 week old puppy, Beyonce, a rescue puppy of The Grace Foundation of Northern California

What: The Grace Foundation rescues puppy who escaped death 4 times  

When: The media is invited to meet Beyonce, her mom and her 4 siblings any time 

Where: 5800 Latigo Lane El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

Contact: Beth DeCaprio (916)396-2768 or (916)941-0800,