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Published:March 24th, 2012 17:32 EST
Dr. King`s Murder : Alleged MLK Assassin`s Brother Asks Obama to Release Official Documents

Dr. King`s Murder : Alleged MLK Assassin`s Brother Asks Obama to Release Official Documents

By SOP newswire


Jerry Ray, brother of James Earl Ray, is calling upon President Barack Obama to order a complete ballistics test on the alleged murder weapon and release all government documents related to Dr. Martin Luther King`s life and assassination.


Mr. Ray, along with members of the King family, have long held James Earl Ray did not fire the weapon that actually killed Dr. King and that others were involved, as detailed in his recently released book Memoir of Injustice.


Jerry Ray, 76, determined to see the full story of MLK`s assassination revealed during his lifetime, said the so-called murder weapon allegedly used by his brother, James Earl Ray, has never been rigorously tested, and his book documents his claims, with the help of Researcher Tamara Carter.


Mr. Ray is also asking that President Obama pass the MLK Records Act to declassify all records about the assassination.


The King family supports Mr. Ray`s claim that the evidence linking James Earl Ray to the actual killing of MLK is fallacious (click to see full transcript of the King Family versus Jowers Civil Case), according to the Memoir.


Mr. Ray has written a book with author Tamara Carter, titled A Memoir of Injustice, and paints the picture of an older brother who involved himself with questionable characters that Jerry believes ultimately framed his brother for an orchestrated assassination of the man many in political and government circles feared would be the Messiah  of the nation`s downtrodden.


The co-author, Ms. Carter, is a charter member and serves on the Board of Directors of the Coalition on Political Assassinations.


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